U.K.Systems is one of the prominent exporters of Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Onion, and Dehydrated Garlic Powder and so on.


The company is well equipped with all kinds of resources to meet the increasing demand of our products in international market. Right from the logistic support to the state of the art warehousing facility, we are furnished with all features, which give us a cutting edge in the market.


We are guided by a set of stringent set of quality control policy. According to this all our products are scrutinized and tested at every stage of production by carrying out mandatory microbiological tests. Periodical test is also done at government approved laboratories.

Year of Establishment 1991


U.K.Systems and its products are known for providing complete customer satisfaction. The company offers wide range of dehydrated products like dehydrated white onions slice, dehydrated white onions kibbled, dehydrated red onions slice, dark toasted onions kibbled, light toasted onions kibbled, dehydrated onions chopped 3-5 mm, dehydrated commercial onions minced 1-3 mm, dehydrated garlic chopped, dehydrated garlic powder, dehydrated cabbage & dehydrated spinach.

All our products are used as flavoring agents in all kinds of food stuffs. They are processed from the organic source and are known for uncontaminated constituents.


Understanding the importance and Value of Hygienic & Delectable Food Items , we are Offering Wide Range of Dehydrated forms of Onions and Garlics that are Extensively Used in the Preparation of Different Types of Meals. The Range is Hygienically Prepared that Can add Desirable Flavor to Any Food Items. It is Available in Different forms like Kibbled, Sliced, Flakes, Chopped, Minced Granular& powdered Forms. Our Range Includes:

Dehydrated Red Onions

Dehydrated Red Onions Slice
Dehydrated Red Onions Kibbled
Dehydrated Red Onions Chopped 3-5 Mm
Dehydrated Red Onions Minced 1-3 Mm
Dehydrated Red Onions Granules 0.5-1.5 Mm
Dehydrated Red Onions Powder

Dehydrated Toasted Onions

Dark Toasted Onions Kibbled
Light Toasted Onions Kibbled
Toasted Onion Kibbled 3-5 Mm
Toasted Onion Minced 1-3 Mm
Toasted Onions Granules 0.5-1.5 Mm
Dark Toasted Onions Powder
Dehydrated Garlic
Dehydrated Garlic Flakes
Dehydrated Garlic Flakes Chopped
Dehydrated Garlic Granules
Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated Cabbage
Dehydrated Green Chillies
Dehydrated Ginger
Dehydrated Spinach
Dehydrated Cucumber
Dehydrated Potato
Quality, Quantity, Packaging Time duration, anytime & around the world time period Besides these we are also offering the facility of providing multiple products at a single time ( Customer can get as many as he wants in one container.


Quality is our source of inspiration, satisfaction and pride. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction through hygienic quality and timely supply of our products. Striving for continual improvement to enhance productivity, we are sincerely focusing on the use best quality raw onions and garlic for dehydrated. This leads to the production of superior quality dehydrated products.

Our qualified & experience quality assurance personnel diligently conduct checks at every stage of production by carrying out mandatory microbiological tests. These tests are carried out in our laboratory and also periodically in government approved external laboratories.


High quality products.
Experienced and dedicated workforce.
Strong logistic support.
Excellent warehousing facility.
Wide distribution network.
Timely delivery.
Competitive pricing.

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